The Suite of collage, paperworks, objects, furniture, clothing and sculpture by Jeannine Han and Tamara Henderson are residue of the collaboration whilst choreographing the storyboard for their 16mm film “Gliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich”. The film will traverse three scenes: 2 Interiors featuring state-of-the-art furniture collections, neon highlights, and plot twists into legerdemain. It asks itself, am I in the fog or out of the fog, rotates its own gears of laziness, transitions itself through fine accouterments. Han and Henderson’s collaboration speaks to an investigative cruise through the interior whilst scrutinizing sculpture as character, Evergreen Resort Collections, and Mise en Scene,“after all, still waters, encourage swamp growth". Founded in New York City in 2013, Han and Henderson’s burgeoning interdisciplinary company have exhibited at Salon Jahresgaben-Ausstelung- Kunstverein Nuremberg, Germany, and Erin Stump Projects, Toronto, Canada, ICA Artists’ Moving Image Network, The Apartment Gallery, Disjecta, Contemporary Art Center of Portland, and Lisa Cooley Gallery NY.