In collaboration with Neringa Cerniauskaite & Ugnius Gelguda (Pakui Hardware)

The Metaphysics of the Runner

Text by, Neringa Cerniauskaite

Street level. Medium shot frames a busy stretch of city sidewalk in front of contemporary shop windows where passers-by walk briskly alone and in groups, chatting, making phone calls, carrying shopping bags. Someone pauses outside a shop below a large window sign: SNEAKERS. Behind the wide, glass pane, single training shoes, each displayed on an individual shelf, are arranged like jewels. Electric blue, salmon pink, warm grey, cool grey, fluorescent orange, and maroon details float on a tide of white leather. The shopper’s eyes roam over the display. Reflections of the cobbled European street and passers-by shimmer on the glass, melding shoes and scenery. A green park is visible in the far background. Suddenly, the runner appears in the glass, darting among cars and people, then disappears again, absorbed by the street. The window shopper pulls away from the window, moves on.*

Move, follow the runner.


From the future to the past.


Pakui Hardware

The Metaphysics of The Runner, Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius, 2014The Metaphysics of The Runner, Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius, 2014

Exposition view at CAC, Vilnius

     321 Gallery321 Gallery

Photo Credit: Daniel Terna

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The Metaphysics of The Runner