The Merchant's Dive and The Palm Dyer is a 16mm film about dyeing, not in the 6 feet under sense but rather in the 'hey your pants are blue and your shirt is taupe' sense and how did it get that way sense; and in reply, from a deep alcove in Brooklyn, a tree-covered shack emits the sound of an overflowing kettle filled with indigo and carpenter’s grass.

The 3 minute film was screened at varying intervals underneath the stars and over the flames of fire. Inside the Perfect Nothing Catalog (where the film was shot) a sweat lodge (steamy fabric installation) with accompanying keyboard music by Dan Riley.

Merchant's Dive and The Palm Dyer from jeannine on Vimeo.

Credits: Ice Dye (opening shot) by Cat Lauigan, Brass Jewelry by Alex Wolkowicz, The Perfect Nothing Catalog by Frank Traynor

16mm film still 16mm film still

Exterior of The Perfect Nothing Catalog

16mm film still16mm film still

Sand, Glass Bottles, Magic Floating Hat, and Juicer

16mm film still16mm film still

Carpenter's Grass, Indigo Vat, Fabric

16mm film still16mm film still

Colored Smoke, Rust Dyed Fabrics

Film Excerpt from jeannine on Vimeo.